Vinyl Related Organizations Overseas
The European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM)
The Vinyl Institute
Korea Vinyl Environmental Council (KOVEC)

Member Companies
Kaneka Corporation
Shin-Etsu Chemical 
Taiyo Vinyl Corporation 
Tosoh Corporation
Tokuyama Corporation
Tokuyama Sekisui Co., Ltd. (in Japanese only)
(Keiyo Monomer Co., Ltd.)
(Shin Dai-Ichi Vinyl Corporation)

PVC Related Associations
Japan PVC Environmental Affairs Council (in Japanese only)
Japan Hygienic Association of Vinylidene Chloride (in Japanese only)
Japan Hygienic PVC Association
Japan Plasticizer Industry Association (in Japanese only)
PVC Siding Promotion Committee (in Japanese only)

PVC Products Related Associations
Japan Vinyl Goods Manufacturer's Association (in Japanese only)
Japan PVC Pipe and Fittings Association (in Japanese only)
Japan Plastic Sheet Association (in Japanese only)
Nougyouyou Film Recycle Acceleration Council (in Japanese only)

Chemical Related Industry Organizations
Japan Chemical Industry Association
Plastic Waste Management Institute
The Japan Plastics Industry Federation
Japan Petrochemical Industry Association
Japan Chemical Innovation and Inspection Institute
Plastic Packaging Recycling Council
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
Green & Sustainable Chemistry Network, Japan

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