October 18, 2006
2006 version of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's "construction facilities design standard (tentative translation)" has been issued, where reference to PVC cables have significantly improved

The "construction facilities design standard (tentative translation)" which was compiled by the Building Equipment and Environment Division of the Minister's Secretariat of the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport was recently revised after an interval of 4 years. The references for PVC cables in this revised version have significantly improved compared to the previous version.
In the last version issued in 2002, due to the attention on the dioxins issues back then, as a general rule they had made mandatory the use of non PVC cables and eco-cables. In this revised 2006 version, there is no such reference in the "design standard" section. Only a part of the "design information" section had an introduction on eco-cables. We believe that this is due to the fact that since the mechanism of dioxin formation is made clear now, the "PVC is the source of dioxins" theory had been debunked. The Metropolitan Tokyo has also deleted PVC avoidance entries from their green purchasing guide. We believe that these moves are a result of the re-discovery of PVC's performances including environmental capabilities.
We will be promoting this news towards other municipalities and private companies. We plan to not only rejuvenate the PVC cable market but also the whole PVC construction material sectors and such.