December 20, 2006
Articles on PVC sashes uploaded on the Team Minus 6% website by the Ministry of the Environment

On October 22nd the Ministry of the Environment had finished their installment of PVC inner windows at their 23rd and 26th floors of their office building in order to make an example of energy saving by double-sash heat insulation.
On their website for gTeam Minus 6% (the Japanese governmentfs target project to cut back 6% of national greenhouse gases)h, where they are widely promoting the prevention of global warming towards the public, two Japanese language articles regarding PVC sashes were uploaded on December 1st.There are approximately 990 thousand individual members and 9,400 group members participating in this gTeam Minus 6%h project. We believe that the project will leverage the widespread acknowledgement of PVC sashes.
Below are the links to the articles (in Japanese language only):
1. A combination of PVC window frames plus low-e double glazing glasses adopted at the Ministry of the Environment
2. Home ecology report - wear a window-cozy, i.e. PVC sashes - to warm up your home!