March 22, 2007
Installing PVC sashes will become a lot easier - application season for NEDOfs annual subsidy program starts

Under the Kyoto protocol, it is mandatory to curb emissions of green house gases. However, the emission of green house gases has increased by 8.1% as compared with levels in 1990. Especially, emissions from housings have increased by 37.9%. Therefore, naturally, it is most important to curb emissions in this sector. As a part of the measure, NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) has been gPromoting the Introduction of High-Energy Efficiency Housing/Building Energy Systemh in order to aid the sector. This system has been launched for a few years. From 2007, the budget has doubled to 1.2 billion yen as compared with the previous year. JMADO (Plastic Windows Promotion Committee) recommends gthermal insulation refurbishmenth of housing and buildings by installing PVC sashes and double glazing. If you apply for this construction and successfully receive approval, NEDO will burden one third of the cost needed for the installation. This year there are a few chances throughout the year to apply. The first season for application is between March 13th and April 26th. Click the below link for details (in Japanese only)