April 13, 2007
Cabinet decided upon a new governmental action plan against global warming

On March 30th, the cabinet agreed on the gGuidelines for the Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction in Government Operationsh. This governmental scheme covers 2007 to 2012 and aims to cut back 8% of greenhouse emission gases as compared to the level in 2001.

 The plan lists items such as low emission cars, the expansion of solar energy generation and energy saving measures in government office buildings. Under the item gchoosing construction materials that curb emission of greenhouse gasesh, they stated gwe plan to utilize construction materials that improve the heat insulation effect of buildings. As for windows, which significantly affect the thermal insulation of buildings, double glazing and double windows etc c. are to be used.h

 They have pointed out the importance of heat insulation properties of windows. We believe that they had given credit to the installation of PVC inner windows at building #5 of the Ministry of the Environment. It is encouraging news for PVC sashes. Based on this cabinet decision VEC would like to recommend installation of PVC sashes to other governmental office buildings.

 Chief Cabinet Secretaryfs press release at the Prime Minister's official residencefs website, March 30th (In Japanese)

Details regarding the Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction in Government Operations (Choosing the construction materials to curb greenhouse gases #2 in page 5, (3)) (In Japanese, PDF)

 An extremely brief introduction of the scheme in English