June 20,2007
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announces removal of the PVC cable avoidance criterion from its Policy for Green Procurement Promotion 2007

 On June 1st 2007 the Bureau of Urban Development of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government published the revision of their construction recycling guideline chapter 4; green procurement policy 2007 Tokyo (public works) article 3; modification to the policy of PVC cable use (abolishment of the preferential treatment of EM cables).
 Previously, the specific use of polyethylene geco-materialh cables, which are non-halogenated, had been stipulated in the guideline. This criterion has now been abolished and the use of lead free PVC cables (i.e. PVC cables which do not use lead containing stabilizers and such) is now allowed.
 The Tokyo Metropolitan Government published their revision on their Japanese version website on June 4th
 We believe that this resulted from our continued advocacy for the fair treatment between PVC and the so-called geco-materialh cables. We have won their understanding on the advantages of PVC. This is a major move that follows the current re-assessment of the exclusive geco-materialh cable use criteria within the green building standard handbook 2005 and the standard for construction and facility design 2006 which are supervised by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. We will keep advocating towards other municipal governments.

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