September 19,2007

5th Seminar on Housing, the Environment and Energy Saving

The Nikkei housing reform exhibition 2007 will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight. While Jmado will participate in this exhibition, the 5th seminar on housing, the environment and energy saving will also be held by VEC on October 27th. This year our theme is gwhat could each of us do to contribute through our daily lives?h The seminar will be composed of an easy to understand panel discussion on energy saving and environmental issues related to housing, and singer-talent Agnes Changfs talk show.
The panel discussion will be titled gwindow reforms and how it can curb global warmingh. We plan to discuss what we can do (i.e. install PVC window frames) to cut back CO2 emissions and save energy without having to put up with any troublesome procedures each day.