December 19, 2007
Assessment panel set up for our recycling initiative

Within gOur Recycling Initiativeh (published in Japanese) we had announced our PVC recycling support system as a concrete measure for the reinforcement of PVC recycling systems and R&D, and are inviting applicants. Under consultation from the assessment panel consisting of external experts, VEC would be selecting applicants to be endorsed under the support system. The panel will consist of the below members, with Kunio Nakajima, president of the Japan Chemical Innovation Institute, as chairperson.

The first meeting is expected to take place in February.

Members of the assessment panel for the recycling initiative:

Kunio Nakajima, president, Japan Chemical Innovation Institute

Committee Members:
Prof. Toshiaki Yoshioka, Tohoku University Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Dr. Tooru Kamo, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Hisao Ida, Executive Director, Plastic Waste Management Institute
Isao Kaneko, Executive Director, Japan Plastics Industries Federation
Toshiyasu Kobayashi, steering committee chairman, Japan PVC Environmental Affairs Council