July 16, 2008
PVC sashes and sidings presented at the environment exhibition celebrating the G8 summit

VECfs Exhibit Booth
As mentioned earlier, the 2008 Integrated Exhibition of the Environment in celebration of the Hokkaido Toyako Summit was held from June 19 to June 21, at the Sapporo Dome, where 333 companies and associations participated, many of them being regional companies and public offices. Eighty-four thousand visited the exhibition, far out numbering the estimate of 60 thousand.
Under the concept of gHokkaido bred PVC sashes are friendly to the earth, dwelling and daily human livesh, VEC exhibited cutting edge PVC sashes and sidings to promote their environmental advantages. Businesspeople from multiple industries, students and citizens continuously visited our booth, as well as celebrities that lead in the field of curbing global warming. Apart from PVC sashes and sidings, recycled PVC products such as pipes, window frames, and modular carpets. Recycled PVC erasers were given away for visitors, and PVC gift cards ready to be recycled were also displayed.