November 19, 2008
Potential tailwind for promotion of PVC windows again - NEDOfs additional offering of subsidies for eco-buildings

As mentioned earlier, NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) had carried out a gProject for Promoting the Introduction of High-efficiency Housing/Building Systemsh. The scheme proved to be extremely popular and the subsidies supplied soon reached its maximum budget and the offer was closed accordingly.

A supplementary budget had passed recently and therefore additional subsidy is being offered from November 13. A total of 2 billion yen of subsidy is being offered again, and the screening criteria remain unchanged. However, this time, not only housings but also office buildings are subject.

Links to the NEDOfs subsidy scheme (in Japanese only)
This fiscal year they had doubled their subsidy budget to 2 billion yen, and this additional budget brings the figure to 4 billion yen. Our industry is hoping that this scheme would help boost the promotion of PVC windows.