March 18, 2009
Update on PVC Windows Performance at the TSCP

VEC and JMADO introduced PVC inner windows at the Tokyo University campus for trial use as part of the Tokyo University Sustainable Campus Project (TSCP). Under the cooperation of Professor Yuzo Sakamotofs laboratory (Department of Architecture, School of Engineering), the performance of PVC windows upon saving heating energy was verified.
Indoor temperature and energy use were measured at a floor of the main building for two weeks prior to and two weeks after the renovation. On average, heating energy consumption (electric power) was cut back 43% after installation. This demonstrated that installing PVC inner windows to the building structure contributes to saving energy and cutting back CO2 emissions. Those who work on the floor, including the rector, reported that the room felt warm first thing in the morning and the chilliness near the windows had been relieved.
Similar verifications will be conducted during the summer air conditioning season also in order to accumulate a year-round data.