September 16, 2009
“Vien Pod” to Invited In Plastic Industrial Fair 2009 Nagoya

The PVC mini-house will be exhibited at the Plastic Industrial Fair 2009 Nagoya which is to be held during October 4 to October 7 at the Port Messe Nagoya (or Nagoya International Exhibition Hall). In last March, the mini-house attracted a lot of attention from visitors of “Architecture + Construction Materials 2009.” The success in that exhibition provided us this opportunity for exhibiting the mini-house in an invitation booth.

This mini-house named as “Vien Pod” shows 8 features to aim at an eco-friendly, dream-inspiring and amusing mini-house. This house has been designed as a comfortable one for the new era, in terms that the house has thermal and sound insulating properties and durability and can prevent an occurrence of dew condensation. A photo voltaic system is also installed.

The PVC mini-house is built with a lot of PVC building materials. The PVC has benefits of flame retardancy and durability. We believe this mini-house will become again a big topic in the Nagoya exhibition.