September 16, 2009
Lectures on PVC for Elementary Schools Started

We started to provide lectures on PVC for elementary schools this September. VEC had published “the Workbook on the Environment” and “the Frontline of Environmental Conservation” to 3,400 schools again this year. At the same time, we announced them to provide lectures on PVC. In response to that, we were asked to provide classes from 16 schools around Japan. We have already held classes at two elementary schools in Minami-Souma city, Fukushima prefecture, and in Kawachinagano city in Osaka.

The theme of the classes is “Energy and CO2.” In the classes, an experiment to produce carbon dioxide is performed, and some stories on a depletion of energy sources and on PVC are told to children. Since the last academic year, 1,062 elementary school students have taken the classes so far. The total number of elementary students attending the classes will reach 2,300 when the classes at the other 14 schools to be scheduled are added. We will continue these activities as a part of social contribution.