December 16, 2009
PVC News No.71 issued

Japan PVC Environmental Affairs Council (JPEC) released quarterly magazine of
PVC News #71.
It is also published on JPEC's website (in Japanese only)

Major Contents:

Top News: Focus on Eco-Friendly PVC Mini-House “VienPod”

Recycling Activities: Takeda Kikoh Co., Ltd. Launches a PVC Pipe Recycling Centre in Chubu Area including Nagoya

Case Example 1: Eco-Model Projects by Taisei Corporation -- Large Reduction of Mixed Waste in Constructing Hirakawacho Mori Tower Building

Case Example 2: Zero-Emission Activities by Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. at Construction Site - Construction Waste Recycling Centre Starts in Kanto Area

Latest PVC Products: PVC Pipe Speakers Gain Popularity with Lower Price and Better Sound Quality