February 17, 2010
PVC Building & Construction Promotion Seminar Held in Miyakojima

A seminar titled “Increasing Longevity in Housing” was held at Central Community Center in Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture, on January 28, 2010.

An exposure test started last year to ascertain the effect of PVC sidings on retarding the concrete deterioration by an exposure to salt-laden environment. This has been done in cooperation with Prof. Yamada of University of the Ryukyus and Associate Prof. Yuasa of Nihon University. This test has attracted local attention. The seminar was organized with the full support of Sahira Kensetsu Co., Ltd., a construction company based in Okinawa.

Including the ordinary citizens, the audience from the groups of architects and building engineers, the city government and media was listening intently. After the event, we are receiving many inquiries, partially because Miyako Shimpo, a local newspaper, reported the event on the next day.

In Okinawa prefecture, most of the houses are constructed of concrete. They are under the sever circumstances in salt damage. A widespread use of PVC building & construction as well as the interest in the further study has been expected.