June 16, 2010
PVC News No.73 issued

Japan PVC Environmental Affairs Council (JPEC) released quarterly magazine of PVC News #73.
This issue introduces the news about VECfs providing lectures on PVC for elementary schools, recommendations towards the age of housing renovation, 35 years of PVC recycling project, non-heating homes and fire risk reduction.

It is also published on JPEC's website (Japanese only)

Major Contents:

Column: VEC's Efforts for Fostering Awareness of Eco - Lectures on PVC for Elementary Schools

Interviews with experts: Recommendations towards the Age of Housing Renovation (Associate Prof. Tsuyoshi Seike, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo)

Recycling Activities: 35 Years of PVC Recycling Projects by TAIBO Co., Ltd.

Information 1: Non-Heating Homes

Information 2: Fire Risk Reduction - Contribution to nonflammable products of PVC