July 21, 2010
New Tool for Promoting Eco-Remodeling

A booklet on “Eco-Remodeling manual in Tokyo Metropolitan District” was issued by a membership group named TOKYO Quality Eco Remodeling Club (TREC). This group is operated by Living Design Center OZONE (Shinjuku, Tokyo) and also supported by VEC. The inner windows have recently become widespread thanks to an introduction of an eco-points system into housing field. Meanwhile, this booklet makes suggestions on how to remodel or renovate by building construction method. This manual is so easy to understand that it could facilitate activities to promote eco-friendly remodeling and renovation.

In addition, TRECfs project was adopted as one of “leading projects for CO2 reduction in housing/buildings” by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). TREC is going to start a pilot project where they will examine how much CO2 will be cut by insulation installment and put in writing the emission reduction examined. The project will be performed particularly in Tokyo in order to promote insulation installment in housing.