September 15, 2010
Experimental Demonstration on Thermal Insulation Effect of Plastic Windows Starts in Two Regions

Window to be
in Kyoto University

Two test houses
under construction,
Kyushu University
Demonstration experiments have been held at Kyoto University and Kyushu University to verify the improvement of thermal environment by substituting the windows with heat insulation property in Kansai region and Kyushu region.

In Katsura Campus of Kyoto University, the experiment has been held, jointly with Tostem Corporation, at a room of Prof. Shuichi Hokoi and his laboratory office. The staff including Prof. Hokoi is going to gather data in both summer test and winter test.

Meanwhile, Kyushu University, jointly with Plastic Sash Industries Association, has built two houses with heat insulation effect (about 10-square-meter, or 6-tatami-mats, each) in Nanakuma of Fukuoka prefecture. One house has aluminum sashes, and the other PVC sashes. Prof. Yasunori Akashi's office of Kyushu University has started the experiment. The winter experiment starts from the beginning of the next year at both. The results are going to be compiled as a one-year data.