September 15, 2010
PVC News No.74 Issued

Japan PVC Environmental Affairs Council (JPEC) released quarterly magazine of
PVC News #74.
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Major Contents:

Hot News: JIS on PVC-U Profiles for Fabrications of Windows and Doors Establsihed - Performance and Quality Assurance Arouse Big Hope for Accelerating Spread of PVC-U Profiles

Interviews with experts: Role of Environmental Volunteer Being Rooted in a Region (Kazue Kawana, Leader of Chuo-ku Environmental Conservation Network)

Recycling Activities: Current Status of Material Recycling of Flexible PVC Products

Information 1: “Tailwind” for Promotion of PVC Sidings -- Aso City Decided Use of PVC Sidings in Renovation of Municipal Housing

Information 2: Eco-Point System for Housing Accelerates Renovation Focused on Saving-Energy and Improvement of Insulation