October 20, 2010
VEC Participates In Andean PVC Forum

The Andean Vinyl Forum Ⅳ for Latin American countries and regions was held in Bogota, Colombia on September 28. Audience of around 120 people gathered at the auditorium of the University of Los Andes. Mexico and Argentina joined the event via the videoconference. The participants totaled about 150 persons. The objectives of this conference are to share the experiences and information on PVC roles in a wide field of application, environmental characteristics and contribution to efforts against global warming issues, and to make use of them for the growth of PVC business in Latin America.

VEC introduced a development of recycling, contribution to environment by expansion of PVC windows' installment, and disaster control effect of fire prevention. The presentation attracted a great attention of the audience. Europe and the U.S. reported a good progress on voluntary efforts such as recycling, and their activities to publicize the benefits of PVC, particularly in building materials, for architectural offices and their clients.