June 15, 2011
‘Work-Note’ Prepared for Plastics Class

The new curriculum guidelines for first-year middle school students, which will go into effect from the 2012 academic year, stipulate that one class on ‘plastic’ should be provided in science classes. Because of that, Dainippon Tosho Co., Ltd. publishing many learning materials in the said field, the Japan Plastic Industry Federation, Plastic Waste Management Institute, Japan PVC Environmental Affairs Council (JPEC), and Vinyl Environmental Council (VEC) worked together to prepare teaching materials (‘work-note’ for teachers).

Large quantities of plastics have been already used in our familiar products so that they have become essential materials in our daily lives. Based on such a situation, the ‘work-note’ includes the safety of plastics, the disposal problems of the materials, and the issues related to oil resources or the raw material. To identify the different types of plastics and to develop the scientific intellect of the students are the intentions of the ‘work-note’. It was completed this April. Dainippon Tosho has started providing it to around 3,000 middle schools all over the country. Other institutions having cooperated to prepare it also provide the ‘work-note’ for free.

The ‘work-note’ is available for download from Learning Pages for Family.iin Japanesej