December 21, 2011
 Recipients of VEC's Recycling Support Subsidy Determined

  As specific measures to “Our Vision for PVC Recycling,” we have been inviting companies to apply to our recycling subsidy system again, and the deadline was set at the end of September this year.
  Under the advice from the evaluation board, we decided at the administrative board level to support and co-sponsor the below project.


“Dechlorination and Fuel Production Technology Development from
                   PVC-containing Waste Plastics”
                   Taiheiyo Cement Corporation

The research involves the production of fuel in cement production or boiler fuel from PVC-containing waste plastics. When the waste plastics will be dechlorinated by adding alkalinity control agent in a kiln, the char will be generated. After the char is rinsed to desalt, it will be used as a fuel.

  We expect that the research and development would successfully spread PVC recycling.