December 21, 2011
 Additional PVC Inner Windows Installed in the University of Tokyo

After installation of
PVC inner windows,
at the main building of
the University of Tokyo
  PVC Inner Windows were installed at a floor of the main building of the University of Tokyo at the beginning of 2009 as part of the Todai Sustainable Campus Project (TSCP). As a result, the comfort and energy-saving effect were verified.

  This time, at a request of the University considering the results, PVC windows were installed at another floor as well in cooperation with LIXIL Corporation and Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. VEC also works for this demonstration project.
  Last time, single-layer glasses were used, and this time eco-friendly glasses (multi-layer Low-E glass) were used.

  We expect that the comfort in summer as well as the saving energy effect and comfort in winter would be improved.