February 15, 2012
 Thermal Insulation Verification Test for PVC Inner Windows Starting in
   Fukui Cleaning Center

  PVC inner windows were installed in a seminar room (100 seats) of the Fukui Cleaning Center at the end of December 2011. The room is on the first floor of the municipal facility. The thermal insulation verification test was carried out jointly by Fukui City Office, University of Fukui, Plastic Sash Industries Association, and VEC. The indoor thermal environment was measured before and after the installation of inner windows. University of Fukui is verifying the effects of saving energy and dew condensation prevention, cold draft, and comfort of living environment.

  On February 7, 2012, all the measurements for the test were finished, and the installed inner windows were donated to Fukui City. At that time, there was a comment that the inner windows have shown some results. We are looking forward to the test results.

      Seminar Room

Thermal Picture