April 18, 2012
 Launch of the contest “PVC Design Award 2012”

  “PVC Monozukuri (Innovation) Design Contest 2011” attracted a great deal of attention from all parties concerned. Many young people including designers entered the contest. It was held last year for the first time and hosted by 6 organizations for supply chains of soft PVC.

  With that experience, this year the contest is renamed “PVC Design Award 2012” and takes place in hope of the participation of more designers. The time when the acceptance of the application entering the contest begins also changed to April, because it is easier for students who study design to apply for the contest.

  The theme this year is, expecting the works and products that leads to businesses,

  We look forward to “the works and products to become a new standard in near future” by combining your personal belongings with soft PVC and creating some new ways to use or needs. This contest is once again sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Japan Industrial Designers' Association (JIDA).

  In order to provide to designers a better understanding of soft PVC materials, the characteristics of soft PVC and the prize-winning works in the last contest are on an official site of the design magazine AXIS “jiku”.(Text on PVC for designers/in Japanese)

Flyer for the contest (in Japanesej