December 19, 2012
 Developed Material Recycling Technology for Compound Materials

  KaniePropane Co., Ltd. (Kanie-cho, Ama-gun, Aichi prefecture) started the “Development of material recycling technology for compound materials, including PVC tarpaulin and plastic leather” in July 2012 under the recycling subsidy system supported by VEC, and completed successfully the development project at the end of November.

  This is the technology for promoting material recycling. For instance, the chips and cuttings coming out of the processing plants of tarpaulins, plastic leathers, etc. are compound materials, which are consisted of PVC and PET or fabrics. By separating them into PVC and other materials by heat plates, to use the recycled PVC as a raw material is one of the material recycling technology.

  During the 5-month development period, simple and efficient separation technology has been developed, which led the way to another material recycling of compound materials. We expect that a business development would go smoothly and lead to an expansion of PVC recycling.