December 19, 2012
 “PVC Design Award 2012” and Eco-Products Exhibition Ended in Success

  The two main events for VEC -- “PVC Design Award2012” and “the Eco Products Exhibition” -- attracted many visitors and ended in success.

  We received as many as 242 applications for “PVC Design Award2012”. One Grand Prize, two excellent works/products, 6 special award works/products and 9 honorable works/products were selected. The award ceremony and the exhibition for the awarded works/products ended successfully.(The winning works/products appear on the VEC Website.)

VEC's booth

  The Eco Products Exhibition held at the Tokyo Big Sight from December 9 to 11 ended in success, with 180,000 visitors overall.
  VEC/JPEC set up a booth with corrugated PVC sheets and introduced PVC products with superior energy conservation and sustainability. Also, the PVC Design Award winning works/products in 2012 were introduced to appeal some new possibilities of PVC products. Around 8,000 people visited our booth. We believe that many people were able to deepen their understanding on PVC.