February 20, 2013
 “Series of Future Housing” to Launch on PVC Window Website

“Housing for
a Happy Life”
iin Japanesej

  “A series of future housing” launches on our website. With the concept of being “easy-to-read and easy-to understand” for anybody, some experts explain PVC windows by using cartoons and illustrations.

  The first post “Housing for a Happy Life,” featuring housing and health, is made under the supervision of Professor Atsushi Iwamae, Department of Architecture School of Science & Engineering, Kinki University.
  In a Q&A format, some tips are described; for example, what effects can we expect on our health when we live in a warm house? Or what should we focus on when building a house? Please access it.

  We plan to post the insulation standards in the world and a connection with our health. We hope you continue to enjoy reading about this series.

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