April 17, 2013
 Launch of the contest “PVC Design Award 2013”

  “PVC Design Award 2013” starts in May 2013. This event is organized by a supply chain consisting of around 300 member companies of the association for raw material manufacturers, processors and wholesalers of soft PVC.

  This is the third year of the Award since the launch of the award 3 years ago. This year, to further develop what we have done so far, some seminars for designers will be held in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. They aim at better understanding of the material and processing method of soft PVC, and features as a product.
  This year's theme is to “Try the Power of Japan by using soft PVC.” With the opening of the PVC Design Award 2013, we hope that more designers find soft PVC of interest and create new values by making the most of the power of Japan for manufacturing technology.

Flyer for the contest (in Japanesej