July 17, 2013
 The 3rd VEC's Recycling Support Project Report Session Held

  The 3rd VEC's Recycling Support Project Report Session was held to receive a report from the two recipients of the support subsidies. On July 5, 2013, Kanie Propane Co., Ltd. (Aichi, Japan) and Taiheiyo Cement Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) reported the progress of their projects respectively -- “Development of Material Recycling Technology for PVC Tarpaulin” by Kanie Propane Co., Ltd. and “Dechlorination and Fuel Production Technology Development from PVC-containing Waste Plastics” by Taiheiyo Cement Corporation.

  Both technologies have progressed to such an extent that the commercialization comes into sight. Therefore, both businesses continue to develop the technology although our support under the recycling support project was over. We expect the smooth progress and commercialization of the technological development.

  VEC will continue to cooperate in this effort, and still find new recycling technology.