September 18, 2013
 PVC Design Award 2013 Receive Applications from Many Designers

  “The 3rd PVC Design Award 2013” received 220 design applications, increasing from 144 in 2012, partly because of the “Briefing for Designers” that had been held in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. By occupation, designers accounted for 76%, increasing from 55%.
  On August 10, 2013, ten design applications passed in the primary selection. Now, each prototype of those selected design is being manufactured by member companies of the Award's organizer, through repeated meetings with the applicants.

  The due date for product applications, including academic-industrial cooperative products, is October 1, 2013. Around 10 products will be chosen in the primary selection. Then, together with the 10 candidates selected first in design, they advance to the final selection. On October 28, 2013, the result will be announced in the award ceremony at Club House Josui Kaikan in Takebashi, Tokyo.
  After that, some networking events with designers are going to take place in various locations including Fukuoka. It must become a good opportunity for every applicant to find business possibilities. We look forward to your continued attention to this event.