October 16, 2013
 PVC Design Award 2013 -- Ten Products Selected

  Following the primary selection in the design section, the selection committee of “PVC Design Award 2013” took place the first selection in product section on October 5, 2013. The entry is supposed to be the prototypes and the products within 5 years after their sale. In addition, they should be produced by member companies and their staff of the hosting and co-hosting organizations, or by those who received an endorsement from member companies or their staff of the hosting and co-hosting organizations.

  We received 107 entries in total all over the country, increasing from the last year. By applications, there are various entries from many different fields such as everyday life, hygiene, nursing care, bags and miscellaneous. The entry from commercial association accounts for 60%, and from processing association 21%. Comparing to the last time, less big products or prototypes are put in. Some products have a function generated by taking advantage of a new material. Others are created by cooperation between the industry and the Design Academy students. There are many products which were produced in a different viewpoint from the conventional products. It was very difficult for the judges to decide. But at last, the ten candidate products were selected.

  The final selection will be made among the ten candidate products and the ten prototypes manufactured based on the candidate designs. The result will be announced in the award ceremony at Club House Josui Kaikan in Takebashi, Tokyo, on October 28, 2013.
  (The result will be available on our website after the award ceremony.)

  Furthermore, the awarded products including candidate design/products are going to be introduced later, with the consent of the said applicants, at Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.