October 16, 2013
 Support Activities for Plastics Education

  VEC and some related organizations launched “Liaison Committee on Plastic Education” to provide an educational support for teachers and students.

  A lecture on “plastic education” was provided for junior high school teachers at the summer practice workshop in Shinagawa-city, Tokyo.
  Also, we are going to provide for teachers a lecture with performing some experiments in accordance with the subject, “Let's learn the familiar plastics more!” at AEON Mall Morioka, Iwate prefecture, on October 20, 2013. This is a part of “teaching method based on a new science curriculum” which has been recommended by Japan Chemical Industry Association.

  Furthermore, we provided a lecture, “A Story on Plastics,” at Ikigaoka Junior High School (Fukuoka) on October 1, 2013, and at Sakaide Lower Secondary School Attached to the Faculty of Education, Kagawa University, (Kagawa) on October 9, 2013. Also, we will visit Setagaya Junior High School attached to Tokyo Gakugei University (Tokyo) for the science class on November 5, 2013.
  In order to obtain petroleum as a raw material of plastics, we must rely on the import from abroad. However, there are lots of benefits from plastics in everyday life. We would like to pass the superior technology of Japan in the plastics industry to the next generation.