February 19, 2014
 Soft PVC “awa” Introduced at Ambiente 2014 -- Project of Japan Creative

Ambiente 2014 venue

“awa” and a French
architect, Ms. Moureaux

  Ambiente 2014, the world's biggest consumer goods trade fair, was held at Messe Frankfurt during the period from February 7 to 11. The partner country of this year was Japan, and many Japanese businesses joined the trade fair. Japan Creative, one of Japanese exhibitors, had a big booth at the entrance of Hall 11 to introduce nine project works.

  The activities of Japan Creative are consistent with the purpose of “PVC Design Award” sponsored by soft PVC-related organizations. Japan Creative is committed to the collaboration projects between manufacturing (monozukuri) in Japan and top designers here and abroad. One of the projects started last year.
  For Ambiente 2014, one of the projects between manufacturers and designers, the SANYO Co., Ltd. and French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux, was introduced. A total of 182 units in 14 different types were made with soft-colored flexible PVC sheets. Each unit consists of 24 pieces of net-like pentagonal cells. They were welded into one big net sheet at the venue. In order to display, the big sheet was folded in half twice. Shadows of the work are projected onto the white wall, and they are softly swinging. The title “awa” (meaning foam or bubble in Japanese) is what is created by the irregular overlapping and color shades of soft PVC that has been frequently used for something to be blown up, e.g. swim ring, balloon, etc. This work, along with other project works, attracted the attention of overseas visitors. It could be developed into such as a plastic divider.