April 16, 2014
 PVC Design Award 2014 (PVC Monozukuri Contest 2014) to Launch

  “PVC Design Award 2014” is kicked off in May. This is supported by around 300 member companies of soft PVC supply chain from feedstock or materials to processing and wholesalers.
  The theme of this year's contest is “I want this!” Its concept is to make products utilizing the characteristics of soft PVC - something that makes you feel that you want this while at the same time I feel that I want this at first glance.

  This year marks the 4th year since this award was established. Once again, the seminar and exhibition for designers will be offered in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka in order to give more designers a better understanding of the material and processing method of soft PVC, and the characteristics as products, etc.
  We are looking forward to many design proposals and products with high commercial value - something that I myself want, something that makes me feel that I want to give to someone, something that makes everyone feel happy by being presented, and something to drive customers to buy.

Flyer for the contest (in Japanesej