June 17, 2014
 Seminars on PVC Design Award 2014 for Designers

Seminar for Designers(Osaka)
  This year again, some seminars on “PVC Design Award 2014” were held in Tokyo (May 26), Nagoya (Jun. 3) and Osaka (Jun. 12). So far, around 200 people including designers participated in the meeting. Not only the features of PVC but also the workability and the way of processing PVC from soft PVC advisors (processors) of each region were provided. The awarded works and products as well as a catalog of PVC samples were displayed.

  We hope to have more applications which are created by taking advantage of the features of PVC and make us feel “I want this!”, as this year's theme says, at a glance. Partially thanks to the cooperation from those who are concerned with media, this event was introduced in 24 articles of analog and digital media so far.

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