July 23, 2014
 PVC Sidings + PVC windows in Mito-city

Examples of custom-home
with PVC sidings and
  PVC sidings have often been used in freezing climates and coastal areas as an exterior material which is not damaged by freezing or salt. Now the use of the material has gradually increased even in Kanto region.

  According to a homebuilder in Mito-city, Ibaraki prefecture, they have recently used PVC sidings to around 30 custom-homes per year. There are also many houses with PVC windows. As a result that they offered the cost of construction and long-term maintenance for different exterior materials, their clients chose PVC sidings and windows.

  This is a sign that the high performance of PVC sidings in maintenance has become evaluated. PVC sidings have already got popularity as external cladding in the U.S. We would like to expect the further spread of the material in Japan.