September 16, 2014
 PVC Design Award 2014 -- Many Entries for “Design,” Expectation for “Product”

  We have received 268 applications for the design section during the application period@of 1st May to 30th July 2014. This greatly exceeds 220 entries which was a record high hit last year. Out of them, ten designs passed in the primary selection. Currently, we are building the prototype models of them under the cooperation with supply chain.

  In terms of the age groups of the applicants, we have 102 entries from the 20s (38%), the most among all age groups just as last year. The second largest group is from the age of 50s and over (41 entries), and the third one from the age of teens (38 entries). The number of entries of both groups largely surpassed those for last year, 26 entries and 9 entries respectively. By occupational categories, we received 80 entries from designers, which is the most and the same number of entries for last year. This year, the number of applicants from high schools and professional training colleges (77 entries) increased threefold year-to-year basis. This year, we had a wider age range of applicants, especially in younger generations.

  The “Product” section is available for entry from 1st July to 30th September 2014. Now we are ready to say “I want this!” (this year's theme) at the sight of your unique products. We are looking forward to your product applications.

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