September 16, 2014
 PVC News No.90 Issued

  Japan PVC Environmental Affairs Council (JPEC) released quarterly magazine of
PVC News #90. Please access the JPEC's website. (Japanese only).

Major Contents:

Top News 1: “PVC Design Award 2014 (I WANT THIS!)” - Kick-off event held by soft PVC supply chain

Top News 2: Advance Notice of a symposium “Building Envelope in Environment Era” in the Univ. of Tokyo on November 20, 2014

Interview with Forerunner: Ms. Naomi Nishi, President of GREEN PLUS, Director of Intellectual Property Development Program
   She started her business on trading and recycling of plastic wastes and R & D of new materials.

Recycling Activities: State of Recycling of PVC Building Materials in East Asia, particularly South Korea (reported by The University of Tokyo Seike Lab)

Information 1: Promotion & Awareness Building Activities by Japan PVC Pipe and Fittings Association, Display at Sewage Works Exhibition

Information 2: UCF Collection Preta Porter 2014 (by Ueda College of fashion)

PVC Front Line: A globally popular object, “food replica”

Monozukuri (manufacturing): Hit Sanc Co., Ltd. (a group company of Shinco Inc.) - a processor of hair upholsteries including PVC leather