October 15, 2014
 Symposium on Renovation for Heat Insulation in Existing Buildings

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  On 20th November 2014, the 3rd symposium on “Building Envelope in Environmental Era” will take place at Ito International Research Center (Ito Hall) of the University of Tokyo. Focusing on the renovation aimed at an improvement of the heat insulation in existing over 5,000 homes, three public speeches and a panel discussion are provided under the theme “The Way of Promoting the Renovation for Saving-Energy and Your Health.”

  After the introduction of Top Runner Program into building materials, some development in PVC windows have been already seen. For example, products with stringent standards exceeding Germany ones are placed on the market one after another. Germany standards are said to be the toughest in PVC window market. However, the improvement of thermal insulation performance in existing housings and buildings has not advanced as expected. It could be one obstacle that the value of a house does not rise sufficiently even with the investment on insulating materials and facilities.
  The purposes of this symposium is to exchange views frankly from the different four viewpoints, to highlight the issues and to find out feasible measures. The panelists are from those who own and dwell in a house, those who design and construct a house, those who supply building materials, and those who assess the property value of a building