November 14, 2014
 Exhibition of PVC Design Award 2014 Held Successfully

  For the “PVC Design Award 2014” which started on May 1 of this year, we received 349 applications in total, including 268 for design and 81 for product, across the country. As a result of the examination, 1 piece of semi-grand prix, 6 pieces of performance award and 14 prize-winners were selected. On October 27, the award ceremony and party was held at Club House Josui Kaikan in Takebashi, Tokyo, with the participation of around 130 people concerned.
  The chief of examination, Michiko Ohtake, made a comment that in this competition each entry has a new attempt and application, and beautiful presentation to expand the world of soft PVC.

  The exhibition was held in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Each event was visited by more than 100 people and became very successful probably because of an increase of consciousness to apply the design in their product planning in some way. Quite a few people appreciated not only the prize-winning works but also all the pieces submitted for the design section carefully. On November 27, the first exhibition in Kyushu is planned in ACROS Fukuoka (Fukuoka city, Fukuoka).
  The works are published in photographs on our website soon, and displayed in “Eco-Products 2014” again.