December 17, 2014
 Recipients of VEC's Recycling Support Subsidy Determined

  As a new project under our recycling support system, we adopted “Development and Pilot Test of Small Recovery Recycling System of PVC Wallcoverings Under the National Permit System” by Japan Wallcoverings Association.
  This test is intended to use the Nation Permit System, to recover and transport effectively PVC wallcovering wastes coming out from the replacement of wallcoverings (discards, scraps and stripped wallcoverings). The wallcovering are produced with multiple materials, so their recycling is more difficult than that of single material products. In particular, recycling of what was stripped has been a major concern. However, the separation method by smashing has been developed before under our recycling support. This may clear a technical issue of the recycling.
  This is not a technology project but the first project that aims to build a mechanism from recovery till recycling.