February 18, 2015
 Point System for Saving-Energy Housing To Start Again

  The supplementary budget for the fiscal 2014 was approved on February 3, 2015, and the 3rd Point System for Saving-Energy Housing is going to start. Some points are supposed to be issued to all installment of PVC windows, but under the “Insulation retrofits for windows,” which is one of the remodeling requirements, has different number of points to be issued depending on the size of windows retrofitted.
  Also, the remodeling for saving-energy by using PVC windows is subject to reduction of income tax or real-estate tax depending on details of works. The sales of inner windows increased to two or three times in the last two point-campaigns. Further spread of PVC windows is expected.

“Point System for Saving-Energy Housing” by MLIT (in Japanese)
Tax Reduction System (in Japanese)