February 18, 2015
 Seminars on Renovating for Thermal Insulation To Be Held in Tohoku Region

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  VEC is going to hold seminars titled “Possibilities of Renovating for Thermal Insulating” at March 11 in Morioka and at March 12 in Sendai.

  In order to promote the renovation of existing buildings for saving energy or thermal insulation, the technology and methods for the external insulation, heat insulation of openings, saving energy of facility equipment, etc. are provided by two lecturers and several building material manufacturers, mentioning the particular cases.
  The planned lecturers are Prof. Akira Fukushima of Hokkaido Univ. of Science and Mr. Yusei Miura, President of the Shinken Housing. Some lecturers from equipment and construction material manufacturers such Tohoku-Electric Power Co., Inc., Shin-Etsu Polymer Co., Ltd., Zeon Kasei Co., Ltd., YKK AP Inc. and Excel Shanon Corporation are going to be expected.