March 18, 2015
 Update of Recycling Information on Website of VEC
  -Thermal recycling starts to be utilized even for waste plastic containing PVC

  The website of VEC provides updated information on thermal recycling and incineration.
  The questionnaire and inquiry survey on the status of thermal recycling was conducted for the incineration treatment facilities in Japan for the first time in four years. The survey was done during the period from August to November, 2014. The survey shows that the number of thermal recycling facilities accepting mixed waste PVC increased by six to 32 and also improved their incineration capacity by 20 percent. Among them, the number of facilities accepting PVC products increased by 11 to 17. The waste plastics including PVC has been utilized as energy sources in more facilities.

  In this update, the items of capacity, frequency and the limited concentration for waste plastics containing PVC are added. The new list can provide some facilities to accept waste PVC products which cannot be treated in MR or FR.

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