March 18, 2015
 Matching of Business Opportunities with Creators

  PVC Design Award was introduced at a business networking event held in Osaka on 16th March, 2015. The event was organized by Creative Network Center Osaka Mebic Ogimachi, which is a creator supporting facility run by the Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center. Around 30 creators working in different fields participated in the event “Matching of Creative Business.”
  There is a group named “PVC Next” for young workers to exchange business information of PVC processing. PVC Next presented some cooperation cases between businesses and universities, designs or products applying for PVC Design Awards, and commercialization of the awarded designs or products.

  There were many inquiries from the participants about the possibility of their own specific ideas. Some of them can move on to the production of prototype. PVC industry would like to make more opportunities as a part of network-building towards development and commercialization of products.

 Creative Network Center Osaka Mebic Ogimachi
 “Matching of Creative Business” (March 16, 2015) (Japanese Only)