March 26, 2015
 Removal of Chloroethylene from the List of Priority Chemicals for Risk Assessment

  Recently, Japan's official gazette announces that VCM was removed from the list of priority chemicals for risk assessment under the Chemical Substances Control Law (CSCL) and is now treated as one of general chemicals. The removal of the designation of chroloethylene was approved, on 19 December, 2014, as the result of the deliberation at the joint committee of the 8th meeting in 2014 of the subcommittee of the Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council, the 3rd meeting of the subcommittee of the Chemical Substances Council and the 150th meeting of the subcommittee of Central Environmental Council.
  The major amendment of the CSCL in April 2011 is that the chemical substances becomes controlled based on not the hazard and exposure but the risk assessment.

  Our industry has strictly controlled VCM in accordance with various regulations and worked for the reduction of its emissions. Under the risk assessment, the substance is recognized not to cause concerns to human health and the lives of plants and animals in the environment through pollution in a wide area. Therefore, VCM is the first substance which was removed from the list.
  PVC industry welcomes this decision and continues to control chemicals appropriately and to make efforts for their emissions reduction.

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