June 17, 2015
 Real Exposure Test for Weathering Resistance of PVC windows to Start in the University of Tokyo and Miyakojima

  In April 2014, Prof. Noguchifs Office in the University of Tokyo, in cooperation with domestic window manufacturers, started a development study of a new accelerated exposure test for PVC windows by using metal halide lamp. They obtained data of effects from structural components of PVC windows for 2,000 hours corresponding to 50 years of actual exposure.
  Furthermore, in order to complement this accelerated exposure test, the actual exposure test started in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo on 10th June and in Miyakojima Weathering Test Center on 15th June, 2015. The collection and analysis of the specimens are planned one year, two years and five years, and every 5 years until 20 years later.

  This test is planned to develop and evaluate, and collect data of actual exposure for five years. In the future, JIS standardization of accelerated weathering test of resin building materials is intended.