September 28, 2015
 Eleven Design Proposals Pass Primary Selection of PVC Design Award 2015

  “Design proposal” was applied during the period from 7th May to 24th July, 2015. One hundred eighty six proposals in total were applied from all over the country. Out of them 11 proposals passed the primary selection by the judges. Currently they are under trial production by supply chain. These are selected from various applications - emergency supplies, daily articles, display articles, etc. -- along this year's theme “Safety, Security, and Comfort.”

  As for the applicants, we received the largest number of entries from 20s (43%) by age bracket, and design-related position (33%) by occupation bracket. By item bracket, “daily, sanitary and care articles” are 63 entries (34%), the most among all, as is obvious if you take a look at this year's theme of the Award. On the whole, the design quality of each proposal might have become higher because the number of applicants from in-house designers as well as repeaters is increasing.

  Application for “Product” closed on 25th September. As the briefing for the designers was conducted in April, some actions between wholesalers and processors were taken through prior collaboration activities, etc. At the present moment, nine product proposals are going to be made.

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