September 28, 2015
 PVC Construction Materials Seminar in Tohoku To Take Place

  Ahead of the enforcement of insulation standards (for saving energy improvement) in 2020, the PVC building and construction materials seminar on saving energy and sales promotion is going to be held in Morioka on 8th October and in Koriyama on 9th October, 2015.
  The seminar provides two speeches: “Saving Energy, Healthy Renovation” by Prof. Atsushi Iwamae of Kinki University and “Building Houses That Makes Customers Happy” by President of Shinwasoken Co. Following them, a panel discussion about building safe, secure and comfortable houses will be held. The coordinator is Mr. Moizumi Takeshi, President of Nihon Jutaku Shimbun (a housing newspaper), and the member of the panel include representatives from PVC sash makers and PVC siding makers as well as the two speakers.

Venue in Morioka   F MALIOS Morioka regional exchange center
      16:30-19:30, October 8th, 2015
Venue in Koriyama F Koriyama local vocational training center
      14:00-16:45, October 9th, 2015